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Staffing Firms

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About my relationship with third party staffing or recruiting firms

Any representation by third party staffing/recruiting firms is contingent upon their agreement to use the Solo W-2, Inc. contract terms at http://securitybulletins.com/TemplateMSA2009.pdf and written authorization for such representation. I negotiate the fee for my services with the client, which includes a 10% overhead for the staffing firm's services.

Staffing firms that do not agree to these terms are NOT authorized to present me to clients in any way and are NOT authorized to collect any associated fees from my clients or restrict me from working with any client. Further, such firms have no license to store, modify, or use my resume in any way. Staffing firms that do not agree to these terms are required to remove all copies of my resume from their facilities, computer systems, and backups. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY A STAFFING AGENCY RESTRICT MY WORKING WITH ANY CLIENT.

Staffing agencies must use the materials provided specifically for the transaction being worked.

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