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Vendor GPL Source Code

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Vendor Open Source Code

MultiTech MultiModem GPRS

Multitech made their GPL source code available for the MultiModem GPRS Ethernet Wireless modem after I requested it. The code can be found at:

GadSpot NC1600 and NC1601 Camera

I attempted to get the source code with changes under the GPL for the Gadspot NC1601 camera. I received a generic uClinux tarball without all of the manufacturer's customizations. Apparently, the manufacturer is VCenter and they were unable or unwilling to provide the source code as required under the license. Anyone who supports open source software may want to avoid VCenter sourced products until they comply with the licensing requirements. The system board is a Winbond, the same as many embedded cameras, and they seem equally unwilling to comply with the requirements of the GPL software license. They have a modified version of the BOA web server installed on the unit, which they renamed "camera.flat" and none of the code I was provided contained those modifications.

Gadspot was reasonably good to deal with, after I got ahold of someone who understood the issue, but I don't know if they have received the remaining code modifications required to comply with the GPL. I was unwilling to support a company that does not comply with their software licensing obligations and I was able to return and get a full refund, including return shipping, for the NC1601 I purchased, due to the inability to provide the source code. You may want to ask if they can provide the full source code for their units prior to ordering.

The camera was reasonably priced for a pan/tilt unit that had night infrared lighting, but the 1601 did NOT have automatic focus or zoom functionality which severely limited its usefulness as a remote monitoring solution. Ironically, the web pages on the unit were optimized for Internet Explorer and many functions did not work well or at all on the versions of Mozilla, Galeon, or Firefox I tried on Linux.

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