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Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) Commands

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Veritas Cluster Server commands

hastop -all -force # Stops the cluster on all nodes without taking down the managed resources

hastart # start the cluster. 

hastatus -sum # Get a summary of resource status.

hastatus # Get a running tail of the resource status

tail -f /var/log/VRTSvcs/engine_A.log # View the messages from the VCS cluster

vxdctl -c mode # Determine current node status when using CVM

hagrp -freeze GROUP # Freeze the resource group non-persistently

hagrp -freeze GROUP -persistent # Freeze a resource group persistently (need to do haconf -makerw first)

haconf -makerw # Make the configuration file writable by the cluster

haconf -dump -makero # Make the configuration files read-only by the cluster

vxdctl -c mode # Show the Cluster Volume Manager (CVM) status of this node 

lltstat # Show status of Low Latency Transport devices. 

lltstat -nvv # Show verbose status of Low Latency Transport nodes. 

Veritas has a quick reference PDF at eval.veritas.com/downloads/van/vcs_quickref.pdf

Also check out my Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) Troubleshooting article for more in-depth information on Veritas Cluster

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