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Veritas Cluster Server Scripts

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The following commands have worked on Solaris 9. It will need modifications to work with other operating systems and filesystem naming structures.

Turn a set of currently mounted filesystems into a CFSMount block for main.cf:

df -k | grep MOUNTS | perl -ne 'print "CFSMount mnt_ID_$3 (\n\tmountpoint = \"$2$3\"\n\tBlockDevice = \"$1\"\n\tMountOpt = \"cluster\"\n\tPrimary = PRIMARY_SYSTEM\n\t)\n\n" if /^(\S+)\s+.*\s+(\S+)(d\d\d)$/' > /tmp/cfsmounts.txt

MOUNTS = the a filter to get just the specific mounts you want.

ID = An ID you want to use to identify this CFSMount uniquely in the cluster config.

PRIMARY_SYSTEM = the system that is primary for this resource.

Generate the CVMVolDg resources from a manually mounted filesystem.

df -k  | grep MOUNTS | perl -ne 'print "CVMVolDg vol_ID_$4 (\n\tCVMDiskGroup = DISKGROUP\n\tCVMVolume = { $2 }\n\tCVMActivation = sw\n\t)\n\n" if /^(\S+)\/(\S+)\s+.*\s+(\S+)(d\d\d)$/' > /tmp/vols.txt

DISKGROUP = the Veritas disk group

Generate dependencies:

grep CFSMount /tmp/cfsmounts.txt | perl -ne 'print "\t$1$2 requires vol_VOLID_$2\n" if /(mnt\S+)(d..)\s/' > /tmp/deps.txt

VOLID = the identifier prefix of your volumes.

To create standard mounts with Veritas Filesystem:

df -k | grep MOUNTS | 'print "Mount mnt_ID_$3 (\n\tMountPoint = \"$2$3\"\n\tBlockDevice = \"$1\"\n\tFSType = vxfs\n\tFsckOpt = \"-y\"\n\t)\n\n" if /^(\S+)\s+.*\s+(\S+?)(\d+)$/'
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