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Veritas Volume Manager Commands

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The following are a few useful Veritas Volume Manager commands.

  • vxassist # A command line front-end that allows creating, mirroring,
  • vxmend # Allows fixing a VxVM structure that can't be fixed otherwise.
  • vxresize # Will grow UFS filesystems or grow or shrink Vertias Filesystems. This command is sometimes located in /usr/lib/ or another unusual directory. You may need to run a find to locate it.
  • vxdiskadm # Menu based front-end to Veritas Volume Manager. Allows most of the basics to be done.
  • vxdisk -o alldgs list # Show all disks and disk group names, even if the disk group isn't imported.
  • vxprint -hqt # Show the layout of Veritas volumes.
  • vxdg # Performs operations related to disk groups. Can import, deport, set shared cluster volume, etc.
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