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Consulting services

(c) 2005-2008 SecurityBulletins.com Consulting by Doug Spencer

I provide technical consulting, coaching, and services that solve business problems. I identify the root causes of problems and develop implementation strategies that resolve those problems and enable "impossible" projects to reach a successful outcome.

My unique depth of experience is accumulated from years of working with many technologies and industries. I utilize this experience to help clients efficiently reach their goals by knowing what works and what doesn't to make great recommendations quickly. I develop strategies and processes that deliver immediate and residual benefits to clients.

I can provide guidance to align your critical technical project with your business goals. I have a history of extraordinary success turning around failed projects to successful completion.

Solo W-2, Inc. Logo

Now that you have seen a little of what I can do, why not put my experience and skills to work at your company? You can! I provide my services as a consultant to businesses in need of top technical results. I utilize Solo W-2, Inc. for their back office support and great benefits, so I can focus on meeting my clients needs. Solo W-2 also provides your company assurance of regulatory compliance to eliminate co-employment risk and insures my work with $5 million aggregate in E&O and GL insurance coverage. Contact me to get started.

  • Consulting is all about providing the specialized expertise needed to solve the difficult problems to and help your company operate more efficiently and profitably. I have worked as a contract consultant for over 10 years with great results within a wide range of companies and industries. This experience has given me a perspective on technology and business that helps me to develop solutions for your business need. When you contract my services, I am a business partner with a focus on working to benefit your company. I understand that hiring me as your consultant is an investment in your company's future, and I work to ensure you get a great return on that investment. The experience I offer means I can anticipate and identify problems early, while they are easy and inexpensive to fix, suggest improvements to improve your business utilization of technology, and provide you with technical knowledge to help you run your business more profitably.
  • I leverage my skills to perform tasks efficiently and accurately, reducing overall costs. For example, if I spend a few minutes writing a program, I can complete a task on several hundred systems in a short time. In one instance, I identified a business need and wrote a script for a business client that integrates with their trouble ticketing system and human resource management system (HRMS) to automate a tedious and error-prone process. By automating this task, the client is saving more than 400 hours annually of their system administrator's time that is now put to more useful tasks. Putting that 1/5 of a work year to better use, every year into the future as a result a one time investment in my services worked out very well for the client, making them more efficient and quickly providing a positive return on their investment in my services.
  • I have successfully implemented solutions that reduce down time and provide redundancy for a variety of business clients. One client in particular has a high volume web site that now earns in excess of $4.7 million in highly profitable daily revenue during busy days, with practically no outages. With the majority of traffic during business hours, each minute of outage could cost approximately $9,800 in lost revenue. 15 minutes could result in approximately $145,000 in lost revenue. Before I began working with this client, their web site experienced regular outages to the point where 1 week of continuous availability was considered good. They also had a small fraction of the present on-line revenue. After adopting a multifaceted approach to reworking the infrastructure, their systems and software architecture, the site is now very stable and redundant with practically no downtime, scheduled or unscheduled. This has given this organization the confidence to advertise aggressively, gain additional sales, and offer new products and services through their on-line presence. The increased site stability also improved employee morale, since on-call support requirements dropped significantly. Even on-call employees can have a life outside of work, and the CTO received accolades and positive national press about the effective use of technology to improve the business.
  • I am very experienced with data center migration and consolidation issues. I have successfully completed several migrations and consolidations of UNIX and Linux resources with minimal information about the applications. In each of these instances, the client realized ongoing savings by eliminating expenses such as unnecessary licensing fees, OC-48 and T3 connections, building costs, data center floor space, energy costs, and HVAC requirements. These were accomplished while preserving strategic redundancy for disaster recovery and fail over. Based on prices quoted at Infobahn, an OC-3 connection can cost $20,000-45,000 per month and an OC-48 can cost around $150,000 per month according to an article at Bandwidth Market about the "new low cost of OC-48," the recurring savings quickly mean you are money ahead by working with me to complete a successful migration or consolidation.
  • Developed disaster recovery solutions for large data centers. I have used several clustering systems, including Sun Cluster, Veritas Cluster Server, Linux heartbeat, Oracle RAC, and developed custom written solutions for local and remote disaster recovery. No single disaster recovery plan is suitable in every instance, so it pays to have someone who is experienced with various methods to meet your specific requirements. In today's information-driven world, your business can't afford long outages of your information resources that drive customers elsewhere.
  • Diverse skill set and depth of knowledge allow me to develop innovative solutions. I have worked for some of the largest Unix installations in the USA and small businesses as well. Your information resources are critical to your business, and I am experienced in how to minimize down-time, so you can maximize your returns.
  • Provide services related to UNIX, Linux, Computer Security, Network Security, Networking, Authentication, Performance Tuning, Clustering, High Availability and Automation/Scripting. I also have experience programming in Perl, PHP, C/C++, and Python.
  • I excel at solving difficult problems in creative and innovative ways, drawing upon my diverse skill set to develop a unique solution.
  • My innovative solutions are evident in some of the articles contained on this site. The popular Moving Solaris 10 Zones article was written to demonstrate that moving a zone to another machine was possible, when even Sun Microsystems said it was impossible. It turned out to be far less impossible than I was told, and I wrote what I believe is the first article detailing the process and posted a link on Sun's forums. I also showed how a Solaris Zone could be stored on an NFS filesystem, another item that was claimed to be impossible. That is what I mean when I write that I find solutions where others see only problems.
  • Have had a recent US Government issued security clearance similar in scope to the DOD "Secret" level.

General Consulting terms/Rates

Consulting services I perform are through Solo W-2, Inc. as my W-2 employer of record. This arrangement provides me with back office support so I can concentrate on providing your company the best service possible, while assuring your company is free of co-employment risks and reclassification issues common with closely held companies and 1099 contractors. Your company benefits from my specialized experience on an as-needed basis. My work is covered by a $5,000,000 insurance policy for General Liability and Errors & Omissions.

I charge value-based fees for my services. Under this fee arrangement, my fee is based on a percentage of the calculated value you receive from my results. You don't have to wonder if you will get a good return on your investment in my services, you will get a positive return on investment for each dollar you spend on my services. You don't have to worry about the number of hours the project will require or upfront costs, you simply pay for the value you receive as you receive it.

Travel required for on-site service to your company is a reimbursable expense at GSA approved rates for travel and per diem, when appropriate. Telecommuting, when available, is a great way to save travel costs, and allows me to maximize my productivity and benefit to your company as well. Clients on an hourly basis are charged for the door to door time at standard rates, in addition to the expense reimbursement.

For clients with on-going maintenance needs, I offer hourly rates and a monthly retainer option. Retainer hours are available in 20 hour monthly increments at a 10% discount of standard hourly rates. Any unused hours for the month expire at the end of the month, and hours beyond the prepaid allocation are billed at the standard consulting rate.

These options allow companies of all sizes to utilize my expert skills to help assure the success of their project, to solve problems, and to reach their goals. If your project is new, utilizing my consulting services from the start can identify potential problems in an implementation, and help to smooth your transition to production. I have a lot of experience with successful project deployments and redesigns. If you have an existing project that is not meeting your needs, I can work to identify the problems and develop or implement the solutions.

Invoicing is generally monthly and payment is due upon receipt, unless other arrangements are made. Net terms are available with an acceptable business credit risk. Rates are subject to change in the absence of an active work order for my services.

About my relationship with Solo W-2, Inc.

Solo W-2, www.solow2.com, mitigates the co-employment risks associated with hiring contract workers throughout the United States. Solo W-2 employs me and issues IRS Form W-2. Solo W-2 withholds and pays all applicable payroll taxes and income taxes. Solo W-2 covers me for Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance, plus General Liability Insurance and Errors & Omissions Insurance up to $5 million aggregate. Solo W-2, Inc provides continuity of employment, continuity of health insurance, and the best benefits and retirement plans available in the United States. I will only provide my consulting services to companies that accept Solo W-2 as an approved vendor or subcontractor.


My office can be reached at 952-223-0079. You can also call my office using Google's GrandCentral service by clicking here to call or e-mail to mailto:sales@securitybulletins.com with your needs. I look forward to helping to improve your information infrastructure and assuring our mutual success.

The main office of Solo W-2, Inc. can be contacted at:

Solo W-2, Inc.
1355 Willow Way, Suite 244
Concord, CA 94520
E-mail: information@pacepros.com
Phone: (925) 680-0200

Thank you for your consideration,
Doug Spencer

Staffing firms wishing to work together should click here for terms and conditions.

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