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Converting iPlanet Certificates to PEM

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Written by Doug Spencer 12/10/2006

The following steps will convert a Netscape or iPlanet SSL certificate to the commonly used PEM format. The process shown first creates a copy of your existing certificates to avoid corrupting them, then converts the copied certificates to PEM format. The INSTANCE-HOST items should be replaced with the actual values for your implementation of iPlanet. The certificate will be in the file called "out.pem" after this process is completed.

This process should work with Fedora Directory Server, Netscape Directory Server, Sun ONE, iPlanet and other derivatives of the Netscape web server.

cd alias
mkdir new
cd new
cp ../https-INSTANCE-HOST-cert7.db cert7.db
cp ../https-INSTANCE-HOST-key3.db key3.db
cp ../secmod.db . 
pk12util -o out.txt -n Server-Cert -d . 
openssl pkcs12 -in out.txt -out out.pem

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